Real Estate Development is a highly speculative venture that requires the best team with varied understandings of the tasks and risks at hand.
Busby-Stone Risk Management has help property owners and developers arrange insurance and sub-division bonds that meet the needs of the project without over burdening its budget.

For projects exceeding $100,000,000.00 wrap-up casualty programs are typically the most cost effective method of insuring residential and commercial development and construction. Busby-Stone Risk Management will not only design and place the insurance coverage we will assist you and your attorney in drafting insurance and indemnity language to be included in the construction contract. Preparation is the key to a successful development, put the risk managment and insurance task on the front burner of your project and the likelihood of a successful venture will increase dramatically.

Has your land sale just come to a halt because of a bad Phase 1-2 or 3 report?

Don’t let the pollution you did not plan of finding take the wind out of your sails. We can help facilitate increased sales price of contaminated land whereby the purchaser or seller transfers 100% of the Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Clean-up, Both ON and OFF site away from the other.