Agribusiness & Farm

Busby-Stone Risk Management employs Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialists (AFIS™). These individuals have the education, background and experience to help design effective risk management programs and insurance policies for operations including: growers, packers, shippers, cold storage, transportation both land and sea.

Architects & Engineers

Our collection of specialized insurance policies and deep understanding of the exposures architects and engineers face every day allow these professionals to create and design with peace of mind.


Busby-Stone Risk Management employs Construction Risk Insurance Specialists (CRIS™). For over three decades, our professionals have provided contractors with cost-effective insurance solutions. Responding to last minute requests for certificates of insurance and bonds are part of  our day-to-day operations. All services remain in-house, not out-sourced to overseas contractors who know nothing about our clients.
Our clients are excited about Contractual Risk Administration Unit. If you question your company’s ability to properly allocate risk to the vendors and contractors associated with your operations.


Busby-Stone Risk Management professionals will meet with you personally, understand you and your goals and develop a risk management strategy through the implementation of the risk management process.


Busby-Stone Risk Management employs Energy Risk Insurance Specialists (ERIS™). These individuals have the education, background and experience to design effective risk management programs and insurance policies for facilities including: refineries, coal-fired plants, gas-fired plants, simple and combines cycle plants, hydropower, pulp and paper, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

High Net Worth Individuals

Whether you are a high net worth individual with a family office, owner of a family business or retired, we have the education background and experience to provide you service that exceeds your expectations.

Mining & Metals

Busby-Stone Risk Management understands the hazardous nature of the mining industry. Our staff will arrange insurance coverage with insurers that specialize in covering the mining industry. Our risk management strategies include: on-going education programs that keep executives and their miners apprised of current state and federal regulations.

Oil & Gas

The nation’s largest oil and gas reserves are nestled in the center of California. For over three decades, Busby-Stone Risk Management has served the insurance and risk management needs of oil and gas exploration companies and the contractors that serve them.

Real Estate

Through the years, working with clients in both commercial and residential development, Busby-Stone Risk Management understands the financial and operational risk. Following development we design policy language to effectively cover real estate portfolios including: apartment homes, condominiums, strip shopping centers and high-rise office buildings.