We are just having fun!

You see your kids having fun. We see risk imperiling your net worth.
Busby-Stone Risk Management has risk management strategies for dealing with the perils of your children’s fun.

Preparing for an elegant evening

You see a wealthy widow. We see a wealthy individual serious about protecting the results of hard work.
Busby-Stone Risk Management’s risk management strategies transcend stereotypes. The time we invest learning about you and your family is the foundation of our successful strategies that allow you to have a good night’s rest.

Impeccable taste with a view to match

You see a beautiful interior design. We see a potential nightmare following a fire or broken water pipe.
Busby-Stone Risk Management private client insurance programs are designed to return our clients’ lifestyle back to normal as if the damage never occurred.

Risk Management & Insurance Serivces

Busby-Stone Risk Management meets one on one with every client to obtain the necessary information to design a risk management and insurance program.

Our Contract Risk Services, requires that every contractor or service provider sign one of our Portfolio Contracts before they every enter your residence. These contracts were designed specifically for use by our high net-worth clients. The contract includes confidentiality agreement, indemnity and insurance requirements.