Risk Management

Risk management is the process of managing risk through; risk identification, risk analysis, risk control and risk financing. The fifth step of the process is called risk administration or risk monitoring. That step provides continual oversight of the previous four steps.

Our risk management services include:

  1. Full implementation of the entire process, which includes assisting you in developing the information needed for risk identification and risk analysis. Once the information has been developed to both of our satisfaction we can apply that information to: develop risk control techniques and risk financing techniques.
  2. The long-term benefits of the risk management process are as follows:
    1. Creating a safe environment for your employees and the general public.
    2. Having a set program that you can turn to immediately when an accident, incident or claim occurs. This reduces stress for employees, owners and board of directors knowing there is a process that has been thought through to manage such events.
    3. Predictable cost of risk that enables an organization or family to budget for such expenses as; insurance premiums, deductible expenses, uncovered losses, safety staff and associated programs, equipment, systems and other risk management expenses.

Our Process

Busby-Stone Risk Management takes an inside out approach to assist you in identifying the various threats to, your company and family. The process is a defined one, but takes years of education and experience to properly execute.  Some of our competitors never talk about it, or redefine the process to avoid having to truly understand it, “The Risk Management Process”. The risk management process has five steps. Identify – Analyze – Control – Finance and Administer. Whether you are hiring us to be risk managers or insurance brokers, the project begins here.

External Risk Factors

Sales/Revenue Required to Pay For Accidents