Property and Casualty Claims Gone Bad

If your insurance carrier has denied your claim for any reason, we may be able to help. We have opened claims previously denied and closed as far back as three years, proven coverage and and delivered our clients the payments they deserved.


  • Unreasonably low settlement for property damage to buildings.
  • Ammonia contaminated produce in cold storage, incorrectly valued.
  • Wage and hour claims, no insurance, coverage denied, poor legal strategy suggested by counsel.
  • Denied general liability claims can oftentimes be covered by other types of insurance, or insurance carried by subcontractors, we will identify such opportunities.
  • Auto Liability & Physical Damage.
  • Inland Marine Claims (Contractor’s Equipment) denied coverage, or low settlement offers.
  • Denied claims for equipment or materials of others damaged by you or your subcontractors.
  • Denied claims of every type alleging late reporting of claim to insurer.
  • Unreasonable adjusting practices, slow, incomplete, involving your primary or secondary residences. Water damage can be particularly complicated.
  • Lack of coverage or insufficient policy limits due to the neglectful service of your insurance broker.
  • Your broker/agent’s explanation for you denied claim is, “I am sorry, these insurance companies can really be difficult”, call us.