Commercial General Liability

Every business needs General Liability coverage. The available coverage in the policy should include; bodily injury, property damage, personal and advertising injury, products completed operations, medical, fire legal. Depending on the type of business, coverage can be expanded or reduced depending on the underwriter’s appetite.

Busby-Stone Risk Management assists you in the execution of the risk management process. Risk financing is the fourth step in the risk management process. The definition of risk financing is; “Obtaining Funds at an Optimal Cost to Pay for Claims”. Now that we understand this definition we can apply it to the first three step of the risk management process, Risk Identification, Risk Analysis and Risk Control, to determine the coverage design and policy limits necessary to finance insurable claims.

Exposure Questionnaire

Click here to download the General Liability – Exposures Questionnaire.

  • Types of Liability Insurance Coverage

    • Premises
    • Products Completed Operations
    • Personal and Advertising Injury
    • Fire Legal
    • Medical Payments

    Additional Named Insured Coverage provided by endorsement and automatically where required by written contract.

    Waiver of Our Rights to Transfer aka: Waiver of Subrogation provided by endorsement and automatically by written contract.

  • Limits of Insurance

    • Each Occurrence – The maximum amount paid for one accident.
    • Per Aggregate – The maximum amount paid for all accidents during the policy period.
      • Aggregates can be extended to each of your locations or each of your projects by endorsement.
    • Defense costs can are usually in addition to the policy limit and unlimited. Check your policy carefully for more restrictive terms.