Our Values

  • To engage on an individual and group basis with honesty, integrity and with the best intentions;
  • To value the development of structure, team, and individual, as equally necessary;
  • To seek integration and trust across internal and external interfaces;
  • To identify and analyze risk as integral part of our total offering.

Our Objectives

  • To educate and support our client partners in the principles of managing risk;
  • To recommend opportunities for improving and or developing insurance coverage, processes and procedures to fit unique aspects of their operations;
  • To evaluate and recommend improvements in the areas of field costs and schedule reporting in conjunction with project controls systems technology
  • To recommend organizational improvements in structure, roles and responsibilities for improving contractual risk;
  • To seamlessly integrate with the leadership team to fully implement the Busby-Stone Risk Management services you choose.

Our Promises

  • To perform all work with integrity,  honesty, respect and confidentiality;
  • To bring an unbiased third party perspective;
  • To deliver industry best practices through experienced personnel;
  • To with in cooperation with ongoing operations and relationships, not to disrupt;
  • To deliver the broadest insurance coverage available at the optimal cost.